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Get your 501c3

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Published Date Written by Vicki Lee
Get your 501c3 - Non Profit Status

Give your Organization / Ministry  its Birth Certificate
The 501c3 Tax Exempt Status
We will assist
you in obtaining your Tax Exemption Status!
Get Your 501c3 Tax Exempt / Deductible Status

We will prepare all paperwork you will need for

 State Of California- Tax Deduction & Exemption Status

  • Franchise Tax Board- Tax Deduction & Exemption Status
  • IRS (501c3) Tax Deduction & Exemption Status
  • Statement of Information·    
  • Application for the State
  • Application for the IRS
  • Articles of Incorporation
  • Statement of Faith
  • Statement of Fact (Mission Statement) / Purpose
  • Doctrine
  • Bylaws
  • Projective Budget
  • Activities (detailed flyers/programs)

More information: 562 864 4474

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Thank you for considering our services….

(Establish 1988) we have over 25 years of proven experience in establishing 501c3 Status. …for New ministries and others new business

oversees in American Territories and Across Our Nation (USA)


Nine Reasonable Steps for Having Your Own

Non-Profit Tax-Exempt Corporation

1)Tax deductibility of your own expenses

            Stop paying taxes on money you spend for your mission, ministry, or church by having your own tax-exempt corporation.

2)Tax-Deductibility For Contributions To Your Mission, Business Ministry, or Church

                        Help other people who support your mission, ministry or church to stop paying taxes on money they give you by having your own tax exempt corporation.

3)You Can Solicit Contributions

            You can solicit contributions and raise money to accomplish your vision.


            You have arrived in the eyes of other people when you have your tax exempt status. People are more willing to support your vision when you have all basis covered.

5)Greater Focus For Your Vision

            Going through the process of non-profit status helps you to focus on your vision.

6)Lower postage rate

            Hundreds of thousands of dollars in lower postage rates await those who have tax-exempt status.

7)Free Radio and Television Ads

            Hundreds of thousands of dollars of free advertising on radio and television are available to non-profit organizations.

8)Limited Liability

            You can't afford to be without the corporate shield of limited liability in your mission, ministry, or church.

9)Unlimited Existence

            Your vision from the Lord deserves to be continued should you pass away...

About Us

We are a Non-profit Faith-Base Organization.  All Love donations are
Tax deductible, Tax exempt and very much appreciated.

Saints Of Value Ministries

P.O. Box 2711
Downey, CA 90242
Phone:  (562) 864-4474

Get your 501c3 - Non Profit Status.

Give your Ministry its Birth Certificate TODAY!
We will assist you in obtaining your Tax Exemption Status!

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