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Community Free Food Give Away - Every Week!


Christmas Toy Give Away! NOW Accepting TOYS! Donate TODAY

 We have Given away Free Toys the Past  20 Help us make this year Toy Give away Awesome Too!

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To my sons in DVD

I am so proud of this awesome project. I speak blessings to it and all of you From

Atlanta to Miami, Florida. As Our Father God has begun this MOVEMENT that will shake the WORLD! All to the Glory to God…In Jesus NAME!

Praise The LORD!

Thank You Lovette Lea for this 60th B-day Gift below



Our God is Holy-awesome project


Dr. Vicki Lee visits Pastor CoCo Short Ministry

Alpha  12th Anniversary a Word from the LORD!

Ordination Celebration Oct 13, 2012


 TV Workshops- open to ALL!

Aaron Robles  (YEC) Television Workshop Students in Training Learning TV production







-Ordination Ceremony

Get the Book "Now that's Supernatural"

15 years Ministry Red Carpet  Celebration

 Angels by Dr. Lee

Rev. Monty B. Sharpton, Lamont Bonman-Gospel Komedy Jamm 2

Rev. Monty B. Sharpton, Lamont Bonman-Gospel Komedy Jamm 1

Now that Supernatural #1

S.O.V. Spanish Ministry

Pimp Slap The devil

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