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S.O.V. Ministerial Training Center

Downey, CA  Tuesdays

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Houston, TX Wednesdays


 NOW YOU can* Experience “Hands On” Ministry Training on Skid Row, Retirement Home, In House Ministry, Gospel Media and so much more! Also earn your Ordination Certificate *Credentials Minister’s License, *Get Ministry Diploma *Certificate of Leadership * Minister of Music *Psalmist *Missionary Certificate *Ministry of Helps Certificate…and MORE!

Visitors /Guest are welcome to sit in workshops FREE! Based on available space

Sign up Today or (562) 864-4474 visit us at: www.SaintsOfValue.org



11022 Old River School Rd

Downey CA 90241



W. 54th St

Los Angeles, CA 90044



Houston Tx Location / Times

Call 909.529.1650




Completing 8 weeks (20 hour) eligible for Ministerial Diploma
Completing 16 weeks (30 Hours) eligiblefor Ministerial License/Credentials

 (Providing passing credential staff interview)


 Week 1: 

6:00 p….A Welcome Message from the Program Director - Dr. Vicki Lee
a Word from
ALL Instructors Introduction1-3 minutes

Break (Get Your Textbooks /Products Time)

6:40 p….General Information /- 
Workshop Supplies- Workshop Curriculum-
The Homework Schedule- Outreach Ministry Opportunities-
Job Descriptions & Expectations of Staff- The Five Levels of Ministry-

7p Speaker of the Hour…

7:20p closing remarks

Week 2 
6:00p….Discover Your Gifts & Assignments

6:20 p….Obeying the Holy Ghost 
6:40 p….How To Know You’re Called into the Ministry
7p. Break – Announcements

7:15 p….Birthing Your Ministry
7:40 p….Speaker:


Week 3 
6:00p….Ministry & Health –
6:20 p….The Ministry of Helps-
6:40 p….Introduction To Gospel Media-
7p. Break –  –

7:10 p….Statement of Faith-

7:30 p….Tuition Donations Schedule –

7:35p.m. PRAYER –


Every 3rd Sunday

*Exercise Your Gifts and Talents in Chapel 2p-4p
All Students Ministers  / All Interns and Ministers will bring “5 min.” mini message/dance/song & etc


*Every 1st  Sunday-Lord Supper- in Chapel 2p-4p


Week 4

6:00p….The Prison, Jail and Juvenile Ministries-

6:20 p….Missions-
6:40p….The Worship Leader / Psalmist –

7p. Break Announcements -
7:15 p…. – 5 min Students Sermons-

7:35 p…. Tools for the 21st Century Ministry--



Week 5 
6:00p….The Healing Ministry-

6:20 p….the Altar Call-
6:40 p….Water Baptism-
7p. Break Announcements -

7:10 p…. Credentials, Licensing & Incorporation

7:20 p…. Introduction to State & Federal Licensing-

                  Forms and Samples-
7:30p Speaker:


Week 6 
Holy Communion-
6:20 p….Tithes & Offerings–
6:40 p….The Child Dedication Service-
7p. Break Announcements -

7:15 p….the Marriage Ceremony–

7:35 p…. S.O.V Article XV –


Week 7   
the Home-Going Celebration –
6:20 p….Pulpit Etiquette For Ministers-
6:40 p….How To Properly Change Spiritual Covering–
7p. Break Announcements -

7:15 p….The Spirit of Excellence-

7:35 p…. Doctrine-


*Students Submit Applications & Mandatory Forms need for Graduation-please

Schedule AppointmentToday FOR  Interviewed by Appointments only-


Week 8 
Women In Ministry– 
6:20 p….Organizing & Dedicating Your New Ministry–
6:40 p….How To Put Together a Ministry Meeting & Why –

7p. Break Announcements -

7:15 p….….Ordination With Preparation & Purpose–

After 8 weeks and 20 hours YOU are Ready for Diploma Level (providing you pass credential staff)

Additional 9-16 Weeks obtain your 20 hours opportunities


Week 9 - 16 Advance Workshops Level



Hands-on Training opportunities

Advance Workshop

S.O.V. Events

Assistant in Classroom Duties-Become a Student Partner


(4) Book Reports:

To qualify for ministers licenses and credentialing status.


Books Report due:

Generationsweek 10 (1 pages report)

S.T.U.D.week 12 (1 pages report)

Now That’s Supernaturalweek 14 (1 pages report)

The Doctrine of the Holy Spiritweek 16 (1 pages report)



Every 3rd Sundays in Chapel 2p-4p - be prepared to

*Exercise Your Gifts and Talents in Chapel 2p-4p
All Students Ministers / All Interns and Ministers will bring “5 min.” mini message/dance/song & etc.


1st Sunday-Lord Supper- in Chapel 2p-4p be prepared to*Exercise Hands on opportunities

After 16 weeks with 30 hours YOUR are Ready for Minister License / Ordination Credentials (providing you pass credential staff)

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