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Get 501c3 Status for your Ministry / License-Credential



Get 501c3 Status for your Ministry /License-Credential

Over 30 Years of Proven 501c3 Experience*Across the Nation & America Territories


What you can earn? What you can get?


You can get your own 501c3 Ministry status... (All  Student get Special $ discount)

More about the 501c visit:


We prepare all your paperwork for YOU!


We train you for All aspects of the MINISTRY 


After Completing 8 weeks (20 hour) you are eligible for Ministerial Diploma
Completing 16 weeks (30 Hours) you are eligible for Ministerial License/Credentials


(Providing passing credential staff interview)



About Us

We are a Non-profit Faith-Base Organization.  All Love donations are
Tax deductible, Tax exempt and very much appreciated.

Saints Of Value Ministries

P.O. Box 2711
Downey, CA 90242
Phone:  (562) 864-4474

Get your 501c3 - Non Profit Status.

Give your Ministry its Birth Certificate TODAY!
We will assist you in obtaining your Tax Exemption Status!

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